Cork Tyre Centre supplies New Budget Tyres and New Branded Tyres. Our New ‘Budget’ Tyres are the best option for customers looking for new tyres with a specific budget.. All our tyres are premium brands such as […]


If your front wheels are out of alignment then your tyres will wear out very quickly. In severe cases, your tyre could wear out in a few hundred kilometres. The main causes of wheel alignment problems are worn steering and suspension joints, or from driving through potholes. We will check your steering and suspension parts before aligning your wheels with our wheel alignment gauges.[…]


Car Batteries with 2-Year Warranty – Great price with a 2-year warranty, these batteries are our most popular battery sold. Car Batteries with 3-Year Warranty – For customers looking for the best from their car with a great warranty period. The battery supplied is normally Bosch brand.[…]


Call in for your free Tyre check prior to your NCT. Your Tyres will need to have at least 1.6 mm to comply and the correct type per axle, so let us check it for you before you undergo the test. We make sure your tyres are E-marked, over 1.6 mm in depth and are fitted correctly and rolling in the correct direction.[…]


The size of the tyre is stamped on the side of your tyre. The mix of numbers and letters tells us the Width, the Height, the Diameter, the load rating and the Speed rating that the tyre can operate up to. The size of the tyre in this image is: 235/55/R17 – load rating 99 with a speed rated W.[…]

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CORK TYRE CENTRE – is the sister business of Cork Auto Services located right next door to each other. We are located on Patrick’s Quay facing the River Lee and on the corner of Ship Street. We are a few minutes’ walk from the train station and bus station and we are a 5 minutes walk from Patrick Street. […]

Cheap & Best Price Tyres in Cork City from Cork Tyre Centre

Welcome to the Cork Tyre Centre supplying the best price tyres in Cork city. Thank you for visiting our website, make sure you check out all our special offers throughout the site, we would love to be of service to you in some way. We are a family-run business operating in the heart of Cork city next door to Cork Auto Services, our sister company. The family has been in the motor trade for 27 years and we opened Cork Tyre Centre in response to a huge demand for such a facility in the city centre catering to every type of budget.

Cork-Tyre-Centre-premisesYou’ll find us on Patrick’s Quay facing the river on the corner of Ship Street, (directly across from Jury’s Inn Hotel), just a few minute’s walk from the train and bus stations and five minutes from Patrick Street. We are open six days a week (closed on Sundays).

We have a very large inventory of branded and budget tyres, so we are sure to have the right tyres in stock for you. We supply both branded and budget tyres, all are E-marked, meaning that they conform to European standards.

The difference between branded and budget tyres, apart from the price, is that budget tyres are usually made in China or East European Countries where manufacturing costs are lower. In fact, to get the best price tyres in Cork, we recommend budget tyres if you just do a lot of town driving. Furthermore, Irish roads do suffer from a lot of potholes so it is great to have easy access to cheap tyres if they get damaged.

Branded tyres are more expensive, but will outperform budget tyres on wet surfaces and during high-speed driving. If you travel at speed on motorways, branded car tyres are the better option. Whichever type of tyre you decide upon, you will always get the best price tyres in Cork from us here at Cork Tyre Centre.

All tyres that we fit have a new valve and the wheels are balanced automatically. The old tyres are sent away for recycling and the cost of this is included in the price. The price we quote is exactly what you pay. You can find our tyre size guide HERE.

You may need us, even if you don’t actually need new tyres just yet. It is easy to lose a balance weight if you hit a pothole or clip a curb. If this is the case you will notice a vibration through the steering wheel and/or the seat, so call in and we’ll check the balance for you in order to ensure that you have a safe, smooth ride.

Hitting a pothole can also knock your wheels out of alignment. When this happens you will have uneven wear on the tyres and it is quite possible in a severe case for a tyre to wear out in a few hundred kilometres. If you do hit a pothole or curb, ask us to check your wheel alignment, it could save you hundreds on new tyres.

Of course, should you suffer a puncture you may think that you need to replace the tyre. However, we can often repair a puncture, saving you the cost of a new tyre, and we will do so whenever we can.

In addition to tyres, we also supply and fit batteries, bulbs, and a wide range of wiper blades to fit most vehicles. Don’t let faulty wiper blades impair your vision for the sake of a few euros!

We also provide FREE Pre-NCT Tyre Check, and FREE Battery Check – some T&Cs apply.

Another important consideration is headlamp alignment. The most common reason for a car to fail the NCT test is because of faulty headlamp alignment. If you notice other motorists flashing you at night, it is probably because one, or both, of your headlamps, are out of alignment, so let us check and adjust for you if necessary. We also fit new bulbs to head and side lights, brake lights, and interior lights while you wait. In addition, we offer a free tyre check before you put your car in for its NCT.

Of course, if your car needs a service or other repairs, our sister company Cork Auto Services next door, services and repairs all makes and models. For the best price tyres in Cork, cheap tyres or branded tyres in the heart of Cork city, you can rely on us.