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What are the numbers on the side of your tyre and what do they mean?
The size of the tyre is stamped on the side of your tyre. The mix of numbers and letters tells us the Width, The Height, The Diameter, The load rating and the speed rating that the tyre can operate up to.

The size of the tyre in this image is: 235/55/R17 – load rating 99 with a speed rated W.

1) Tyre Width is 235

The 235 indicates the tyre is 235 millimetres.

2) Section Height 55

The 55 is the height of the tyre section, expressed as a percentage of the width. So the tyre height is 55% of the width of the tyre.

3) R 17

The letter R stands for Radial, the type of tyre fitted to your car. In some cases you will see RF, which stands for run flat tyre. The Number 17 beside the R stands for the Diameter. The 17 is the diameter of the tyre’s inner rim, or the size of your wheel rim.

4) 99 is the Load Rating

The 99 is an index of the maximum load carrying capacity per tyre at the speed designated by the speed symbol. A table below shows the possibilities you can have.

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 17.16.13

5) W is the Speed Rating

The last letter indicates the maximum speed for the tyre at full load. W corresponds to a maximum speed of 270 km/h. Table below shows possibilities.

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 17.16.25

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What are the main differences between New ‘BUDGET’ Tyres and New ‘BRANDED’ Tyres?

New ‘Budget’ Tyres:

The budget sector of the tyre market is aimed at customers who are on a tight financial budget but who are still looking to buy NEW Tyres.

There are many good quality tyres in this ‘Budget’ sector. They are normally supplied from China or eastern European countries, where manufacturing is cheaper, which means the savings can be passed onto you.

These tyres are all E marked – meaning they meet ALL European standards, so the safety of these tyres is not of question and we have no hesitation in recommending them from personal experience.

These tyres may not perform as good as branded tyres in wet conditions or if the car is driven on motorways and where the car performance is used to the max.

We recommended these tyres to customers who do a lot of ‘town driving’, short distances and where the performance of the tyre is not tested to its maximum.

Irish roads are of poor quality, with potholes appearing daily, you can damage your tyres and wheels very easily on the roads, so the Budget Tyre option is a very favourable option in Ireland!

New ‘Branded’ Tyres:

Premium Branded tyres can be double the price of a budget one, so it really does come down to your personal preference, budget availability and the type of driving you do which will dictate performance requirements. Contact Us for a detailed price to suit your budget.

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