New Budget Tyres

Our new budget tyres are supplied from Eastern Europe and Asia.

Make and brands include Accelera, Doublestar, Debica, Fortuna, HiFly, Infinity, Goodride, Sunny, Roadstone and many more. All tyres are E-Marked to meet all European standards.  Our New ‘Budget’ Tyres are the best option for customers looking for new tyres with a specific budget.

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All new tyres fitted have a new valve installed and are balanced. The old tyre is removed from your car and is then sent away for recycling. This is all included in the price.

What are the main differences between New ‘BUDGET’ Tyres and New ‘BRANDED’ Tyres?

New ‘Budget’ Tyres:

The budget sector of the tyre market is aimed at customers who are on a tight financial budget but who are still looking to buy NEW Tyres rather than a part-worn alternative.

Cork-Tyre-Centre-Free-TrackingThere are many good quality tyres in this ‘Budget’ sector. They are normally supplied from China or eastern European countries, where manufacturing is cheaper, which means the savings can be passed onto you.

These tyres are all E marked – meaning they meet ALL European standards, so the safety of these tyres is not of question and we have no hesitation in recommending them from personal experience.

These tyres may not perform as good as branded tyres in wet conditions or if the car is driven on motorways and where the car performance is used to the max.

We recommend these budget tyres to customers in Cork who do a lot of ‘town driving’, short distances and where the performance of the tyre is not tested to its maximum.

Irish roads are of poor quality, with potholes appearing daily, you can damage your tyres and wheels very easily on the roads, so the Budget Tyre option is a very favourable option in Ireland!

New ‘Branded’ Tyres:

Premium Branded tyres can be double the price of a budget one, so it really does come down to your personal preference, budget availability and the type of driving you do which will dictate performance requirements.

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