Wheel Balancing

Have you ever noticed a ‘vibration’ from your steering wheel while driving ?  This could be a tyre balancing problem.

Balanced Wheels are important to ensure safer driving. When your wheels are balanced you get a smooth, steady drive, which also helps to prolong the life of your car tyres and your car suspension components.

Call in to us and we’ll check and balance your wheels for a smoother drive. All tyres fitted by us are balanced for your safety and comfort.

Garage-0007It is also important to note that over time it is possible to lose a ‘balancing weight’ due to driving into pot holes, or getting caught on something like a curb.

If this happens your tyres will go out of balance, so if you notice any vibration from the steering wheel while driving, or from your seat, call into us and we will check and balance your wheels for a safer, smoother drive.


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